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International Workshop: Race, Space, Ethics: (Post)colonial Migration Systems

International Workshop: Race, Space, Ethics: (Post)colonial Migration Systems

Last week GRS hosted an international workshop from October 11th to 12th at Aalborg University's Copenhagen Campus.

International scholars spoke and discussed their research. This spanned topics like the connections between displacement, the prison and the slave-based plantation economy in Denmark’s colonial empire, colonial and internal dynamics shaping Ghaneian migration, internal Ottoman settler colonialism to EU-African Migration Management decolonizing research on climate migration, immigration and the perception of national identity and the legacy of the Eurafrica for EU integration policies.

The workshop also included a special screening and Q&A-session of the new documentary “We carry it within us. Fragments of a shared colonial past”, by Helle Stenum, that concerns the trajectories of the Danish colonial legacy in the US Virgin Islands. To read more about the movie, and watch trailers, click this link: http://wecarryitwithinus.com/home/

The workshop was attended by scholars researching (post)coloniality in a migration perspective and specially invited stakeholders from Ghana, Virgin Islands, Italy, Canada, Turkey, Sweden and Denmark. Its outcome was lively and fruitful discussions, mutual inspiration and dialogue on the repercussions of colonialism, racial hierarchies and economic and cultural systems across a range of contexts and geographies.

The workshop was part of the Spaces, Borders, Bodies. A postcolonial inquiry into Danish politics of forced migration-project funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark, and headed by GRS´ Martin Lemberg-Pedersen

Click here for the full program


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