New postdoc: Asta Smedegaard Nielsen

As of 1 August 2017 GRS - Global Refugee Studies has a new postdoc.

On August 1 I started as a postdoc in the research group Global Refugee Studies at CGS. My research project is titled Mediated Love: Attachment in Media Debates on Transnational Marriages, and forms part of the collective DFF/FKK-funded project Loving Attachment: Regulating Danish Love Migration (LOVA). The LOVA collective research project inve­sti­gates the ways in which the psy­cho­logical and juridical concepts of attachment have come to regu­late Danish love migration. As part of this my project examines media representations of attachment relative to marriage-based family reunifications from 2000 to 2015. The aim is to investigate the specific forms in which media discourses on attachment fold subjects into – or out of – relations of love and belonging. The empirical material will consist of personalized stories about individuals who have been denied family reunification on the grounds of the attachment requirement, allowing for an investigation into the kinds of love relations that are represented as unjustly hindered by the attachment requirement. In order to uphold analytical sensitivity to differences across media, cases from different media platforms (newspaper, television, online), scopes (national, local), and genres (news, features, media events) will be chosen.

I hold a PhD in Media Studies and an MA in Sociology, thus I find myself in the interdisciplinary field between the social sciences and the humanities. My research interests are centered at the field of Media and Migration studies, where I also get inspiration from critical race and whiteness studies, feminist research, and affect theory.  

I will form part of the Global Refugee Studies research group at Frederikskaj in Copenhagen. 

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